Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Anti-depressants and Depression. "You are what you eat" Something you didn't consider.

Each year over 15 million people in America suffer from some form of depression.
The Anti-depressant drug sales alone have become a $21 billion dollar a year industry. The pharmaceutical industry spends hundreds of millions ever year on marketing and lobbying these health damaging drugs in order to bank off of our usually naturally curable condition.

While its not all black and white and a small percent of people do suffer from a serious form of depression, a great majority of the people being medicinally treated for depression may have more options available then they realize.

What prompted me to write about depression is a commercial I saw on television the other day for a new drug called Abilify. I was completely amazed ( in a how does big pharma sleep at night kind of way). Apparently this "New" drug helps Anti depression pills when they don't work.

So for example: "Jane" has an issue, She takes a pill and her issue didn't go away, what a surprise! So, "Jane" takes another pill because the first pill didn't do its job.

Are people really that clueless? Unfortunately, Yes!

Have you ever stopped to think about whats really eating at you? or what you may be eating? Both of these may be the key to finding a natural solution for dealing with the blues.

Studies show that a lack of vitamins such as vitamin D , nutritional deficiencies and unhealthy lifestyle choices are all linked to depression .

I would like you to keep an open mind while I introduce a new twist on how your daily diet might play a role in how you feel. It might seem a little out there at first but it will make sense if you give it a chance.

Most Americans eat factory farmed Meat, Chicken and Dairy products a few times a day, every day. The animals have been crowded into small spaces where they cant move and their bones break from the weight the hormones they are injected with put on their bodies so that they can produce more meat and the company can make more money.

These factory farmed animals are abused and live in very dirty, feces filled and over crowded conditions, have sores, tumors, health problems and almost never see daylight. They are scared, sad and miserable. These animals go through a holocaust everyday in order to feed us hungry Americans our cheese burgers and greasy chicken fingers.

Now that you have a pretty image to think of, consider this: We are all made up of energy and even being in a room with a person in a bad mood can greatly impact you in a negative way. Now Imagine you are taking the flesh of a miserable and abused animal, grinding it up, cooking it, adding lots of processed condiments for flavor and using that as fuel to create the blood, cells and energy you use every day. I'm sure you all heard the term "You are what you eat".

Here's some more food for thought.. Picture your favorite fruit or vegetable. In its most perfect form it will grow in the sun using nutrient rich, pesticide and chemical free soil. Now picture your stomach digesting that. It's lighter, fresh and makes you feel like you're doing you're body good.

When we eat foods that are processed or heavy meat and dairy foods we feel that way and it impacts our body that way, heavy & sluggish . When we eat foods that grow in the sun and have a lighter energy, then the fuel we take in gives our cells, blood and mood a lighter feeling.

The human body is made perfectly and should always be in balance, when that balance is thrown off a signal is sent. This signal can be anything from a headache to weakened immune system and even cause you to feel depressed. Our cells and blood create everything that we are so if we use quality fuel to energize our bodies then we become better as a result and many physical and emotional ailments eventually vanish.

Eat and live mindfully, try to find your own connection to your natural surroundings, be patient with yourself & talk about your feelings, don't keep it inside. Let the dark out so some light can come in!

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